Sufian Rhazi


(949) 228-2109
3793 20th St, SF, CA 94110


I want to build things that help people, take pride in my work, and never stop learning.


Jan 2010—Jul 2014: Senior Staff Engineer at IMVU


  • Lead and support small teams of engineers to contribute to the design and implementation of projects.
  • Work with product owners & designers to determine project feasibility and weigh feature trade-offs with implementation timeline.
  • Drive adoption across the engineering organization for stronger and more efficient development standards.
  • Read, debug, fix, factor, profile, analyze, and write code.
  • Write and review technical designs.

Notable Projects

  • Back-End HTTP "REST" API Framework

    PHP HTTP framework unifying authentication & authorization, input & output validation, increased code reuse, and improved efficiency when calling services from hosts capable of executing the request themselves.

    Improved back-end ease of development, allowed QA to test and detect regressions in our back-end API, improved service migration via HATEOAS, content negotiation allowed for flexible responses based on client needs.

  • Web Asset Build & Deploy System

    Compiled static resources (image/CSS/javascript/etc...) to refer to each other by content hash, allowing for "infinite" caching by HTTP proxies and CDN.

    Reduced bandwidth served for static resources to our cluster, increased cache hit rate, decreased total page load time.

  • imvujs

    Open Source Repository:

    JavaScript foundation library and toolkit for application-agnostic development targeting IE8+, FF, Chrome, (mobile) Safari, and node.js.

  • Front-End "ui-core" Application Framework

    JavaScript framework built on imvujs and Backbone.js for IMVU-specific front-end applications with our back-end "REST" framework utilizing websockets and our internal message queue for real time updates of back-end data, automatic UI tracking sent to our data warehouse for analysing usage patterns.

    Set standards for new front-end projects to use this framework; first application was a revamp of our legacy asynchronous messaging feature to become a hybrid sync/async multi-user threaded conversation messaging application.


  • Apache
  • Backbone.js
  • Buildbot
  • Erlang
  • git
  • Go
  • gunicorn
  • Handlebars
  • HAProxy
  • Haskell
  • HTTP
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Linux (ubuntu)
  • memcache
  • MySQL
  • nginx
  • PhantomJS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Redis
  • SASS
  • SCons
  • Selenium
  • strace
  • subversion
  • TCP/IP
  • tcpdump
  • Typescript
  • Twig
  • UglifyJS
  • Varnish

Sep 2006—Nov 2009: Software Engineer at Sendio, Inc.


  • Develop front-end and back-end software for our anti-spam appliance.
  • Install and debug physical 1U appliance in various network environments.


  • Apache
  • C
  • Django
  • djbdns
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Linux (RHEL)
  • PAM
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • qmail
  • RPM
  • SELinux
  • SMTP


University of California, Irvine. BS, Information & Computer Science


I played the piano as long as I can remember, and studied music theory for 6 years. I enjoy baking bread. I love everything about photography: shooting, developing, and printing. I wish that I had enough space in my apartment for a dark room.


I enjoy teaching how systems interact, and couldn't do it without drawing circles and arrows on a whiteboard. When I want to really understand something, I read specifications and source code. If I could design a protocol, I'd want it to be as wonderful as TCP.